Vancouver Titans releases entire roster aside from rising DPS star ahead of 2023 rebuild

Another offseason, another Vancouver roster implosion.

This offseason, Overwatch League teams appear to be outdoing themselves with large-scale player drops. Days after the Los Angeles Valiant officially wiped its entire player roster, the Vancouver Titans is joining the fray. 

The Canadian team announced today that it’s parting ways with six players heading into 2023. Supports Petja Masaa Kantanen, Robert Skairipa Lupsa, and Park Aztac Jeong-su, damage dealers Chris MirroR Trinh and Rene k1ng Rangel, and tank Nick False Wiseman will all not be rocking blue and green jerseys in 2023.  

Only star DPS player Luka Aspire Rolovic remains on the teams roster. 

This is yet another massive offseason rebuild for the Vancouver Titans, which also nuked its roster in 2022 and multiple times in prior seasons. 

Heading into the 2022 season, the goal was to build a mostly-Western roster of prominent Overwatch Contenders talent with a few veteran players scattered throughout. With players like Masaa and MirroR at the head, many fans and analysts expected Vancouver to be relatively successful. 

But while the talent of individual players was apparent, the coordination of the team didnt come through until the acquisition of head coach David dpei Pei in mid-July. Vancouver went winless until he was picked up. They later ended 2022 with a 5-19 regular season record. Dpei was also released by the Titans last week.  

Its unclear whether the Titans will choose to build around Aspire, who made a name for himself as one of the most impressive Sojourn players last season despite his teams win record. He could also be a valuable trading piece for the team if it decides to build from the ground up once again.

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