Vancouver Titans drops DPS sHockWave 

The roster change was not “his decision,” according to the player.

While most West Region teams are busy fighting it out at the Midseason Madness tournament, the Vancouver Titans have apparently been busy making roster changes behind the scenes. 

The team announced today that it would be parting ways with DPS Niclas sHockWave Jensen, a staple for the teams starting lineup since the beginning of the season. 

SHockWave was a part of the Vancouver Titans 2020 rebuild after the organization abruptly dropped its previous roster in the middle of the season. He was a standout on the unsuccessful team and made his way to the Philadelphia Fusion for 2021. Unfortunately, his playtime was reduced due to visa issues that plagued the entire team. 

He was then a star member of the Titans 2022 roster rebuild, coming back to his first Overwatch League team with the hopes of finding greater success. Cohesion has been difficult for the team to achieve, though, and the Vancouver Titans currently have a 0-12 record in the regular season.     

According to a tweet from sHockWave, being released from the team was not [his] decision. The DPS was suspiciously absent during the teams last game in the Midseason Madness qualifiers against the Washington Justice; this roster change could offer an explanation for that.  

Vancouver is now left with only two DPS players: Luka Aspire Rolovic and Chris MirroR Trinh. The teams next match is against the Toronto Defiant on Aug. 12 at 5pm CT. 

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