Valve rolls out a ranked fix to prevent inconsistencies and extreme MMR drops in Dota 2

We're so back.

Valve rolled out Patch 7.33 for Dota 2 on April 22. In addition to drastic balance changes, the update included a new ranked algorithm that didnt have the smoothest release.

While some players saw their rank decrease by 3,000 MMR, there were also extreme increases. But Valve ended the inconsistencies in a follow-up update today.

Dominik Black^ Reitmeier, a former Dota 2 player, was recently grinding through the ranks after calibrating at Crusader as an Immortal player. After making his way up to the Ancient bracket, Black^ suddenly found himself in Immortal matchmaking.

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Upon claiming back his old rank, Black^ also received a system notification. According to the message, Valve explained that there was a rare issue affecting the 0.8 percent of Dota 2s player base since the game switched to a new MMR system in Patch 7.33.

As Valve pushed the fix, players affected by the issue returned to their expected ranks, which was the top 100 Immortal for Black^.

Screengrab via Valve

Aside from the extreme cases, the new ranked experience had Dota 2 players conflicted due to all the minor misplacements that happened in the MMR system. Most matches ended up being too one-sided as one team would either have a player who calibrated lower despite being higher ranked or just the opposite.

Now that the developers have fined-tuned the new Glicko system, players can expect more balanced Dota 2 matches while the algorithm settles in. 

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