Valve reveals trailer and release date for True Sight: The International 2021

"The mystery revealed."

True Sight, a Dota 2 YouTube documentary series that follows The International (TI) champions journey, has become a tradition. Its been a year since the International 2021, and the True Sight documentary showcasing Team Spirits run during the event will air on Sept. 24. Valve revealed the documentary’s trailer today.

Fans will get to watch behind-the-scenes footage of Team Spirit during their final boss battle versus PSG.LGD. Despite starting the main event in the upper bracket at TI10 last year, Team Spirit quickly found itself in the lower bracket after a first round loss to Invictus Gaming. Spirit went on to win five series in a row to face PSG.LGD in the finals, which ended up being one of the most intense best-of-five series in Dota 2s history.

Though 2021s True Sight will be out before the International 2022, this has been the longest that fans have had to wait for Valves documentary. TI8 concluded on Aug. 25, 2018, and its True Sight came out during the first month of the following year. The same schedule applied to TI9, which made Dota 2 fans think that the most recent installment of the series would also air in Jan. 2022. Instead, they’ll finally get the newest edition of True Sight in September.

2021s True Sight is also likely to feature additional scenes from the following competitive Dota 2 year after the International 2021. When asked about the True Sight documentary during the Stockholm Major, Team Spirits Mira said that Valve were planning to shoot more scenes to add to the documentary and have it ready before the next TI.

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