Valve opens Steam Deck repair centers

Leave it to the professionals.

Steam Deck owners can now send their Steam Deck into official Valve repair centers for repairs or replacements, according to an official announcement from Valve today.

Steam Deck users whose device isn’t working properly can send their Steam Deck in for diagnosis and repair, and Valve will ship out a repaired or replaced unit once complete. For any issues covered by warranty, repairs are free of charge. For issues not covered by warranty, Valve will reply to the user with an offer to repair the device for a fee and the user can decide whether to pay for the repair or to have their unit sent back to them.

For the DIY folks or for people who don’t want to pay a premium for non-warrantied repairs, Valve also offers replacement parts and guides via the IFixit service, covering replacements for virtually all major parts including thumbsticks, buttons, audio boards, fans, triggers, heatsinks, and more. But attempting to repair parts yourself could invalidate the limited warranty.

Valve warrants the Steam Deck to be “free from defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year starting from the date of shipment.” But this limited warranty does not apply if the device has been repaired or modified by a non-certified Valve technician, or if it has been “abused, misused, improperly maintained, mishandled, or damaged by exposure to an accident, natural disaster, or any other events or circumstances outside Valve’s control.” This includes drops, damage from pets, spills, and other mishaps.

The repair process through Valve can be accessed via the Steam help page. Go to the Steam support page, head to Hardware, then Steam Deck, then click on Contact Steam Support.

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