Valve jokes about explosive CS:GO World Cup that would turn the game on its head

This would be a lot of fun.

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup coming to a dramatic conclusion on Dec. 18, Valve jokingly suggested a similar tournament for CS:GO alongside a new set of rules.

The developers theorized overtime rules for the fantasy CS:GO World Cup after Lionel Messi and Argentina lifted the real cup last night.

They proposed if a map ends in 15-15 like it often does in competitive CS:GO, players would be divided into five one-vs-ones, with each player facing off against each other based on their stats (top fragger vs. top fragger, etc). The first team to win three of these duels would win the match.

While this is clearly a joke and Valve probably doesn’t intend on hosting an official CS:GO World Cup, there’s no denying this would be a lot of fun. Pro players and the community generally seemed to be on board with the idea and suggested content creators host a tournament like this in the future.

“I speak for all CSGO fans when I say we want a once every two years Valve-hosted CSGO World Cup major,” DonHaci, a popular CS:GO personality replied on Twitter. This would be similar to FIFA’s system with the federation hosting a World Cup every four years.

The community has been asking for Valve to organize a tournament like this for years. But other than last night’s post, there’s been no hints the devs intend to do anything of the sort.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup came to an end after Argentina beat France on penalties. Despite Kylian Mbappé scoring a hattrick and bringing the game to overtime, it wasn’t enough.

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