Valve ignores fans’ Dota 2 Team Bundle demands, adds six new items at end of season instead

They often release later than expected.

In theory, Team Bundles are a way for Dota 2 players to directly support their favorite esports teams directly by purchasing various tiered packages containing badges, emoticons, loading screens, sprays, voice lines, and more.

In practice, however, theyve been hit and missnot because the bundles dont do what theyre supposed to, but rather, because Valve hasnt been on the ball.

In 2021, for example, they wound up releasing 17 bundles much later in the Dota Pro Circuit than they were supposed to. It even included a banned team, outdated items, and more.

Its not the only kerfuffle theyve had, either. Valve also took a long time to release Team Bundles for Tier Two teams in the same year, which triggered the community since those teams needed the additional support the most. Because of that, people figured Team Bundles were not a priority for the developers.

Valve has once again done something questionable with the latest batchreleasing six more with one day left in the season. The Team Bundles are for 5RATFORCESTAFF, Alpha, cybercats, Dawn Gaming, HF, and Water Rune Enjoyersall of which contain three tiers, with the highest one including chat wheels.

The Team Bundle releases also coincide with a Dota 2 sale. Players can purchase Team Bundles for 75 percent less. It’s a good deal, but the timing could impact the sales numbers, especially since the focus is on the Lima Major.

At this stage, the community hasnt spoken up about it. Their silence, however, speaks volumes. The initial hype at the start of the season has waned, so perhaps the interest isn’t there. At least, not for the Tier Two teams included in the latest batch.

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