Valve confirms exactly when we’ll learn more about Dota 2’s next major patch

The wait is almost over.

The last Major Dota 2 patch was update 7.32d. It released all the way back in Nov. 2022, which feels like a lifetime ago. There were a number of winners and losers in that patch, which defined the meta, and because not much has changed since then, the meta heading into the Lima Major is largely the same.

The community was disappointed about it. They hoped the next Dota patch would release before the Major so that it could freshen things up, and since it didn’t happen, they have been fearing the Major wont be as much of a spectacle as it could be and would be more of the same.

But it turns out, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Valve has now confirmed all the details about the patch will be revealed once a champion has been crowned and the Winter Tour ends on Monday, March 6.

Theres a bit of ambiguity around the announcement, leading to some confusion about whether only details about the patch will be revealed on that date, or whether the patch will actually release. Its also unclear whether the announcement will happen at the Major via a presentation at the venue, or if itll be a run-of-the-mill blog that drops sometime after.

Either way, its welcome news to fans who have been waiting for news about the patch for weeks now, especially since its believed to include new hero Muerta.

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