VALORANT’s new ‘UWU’ title is causing an uproar due to one small mistake

An unacceptable woe.

Besides the expected banter over VALORANTs newest competitive frameEpisode Six, Act Threeplayers have discovered a minute anomaly in one of the battle pass player titles and they’re certainly not happy about it.

VALORANT player Matikkkii pointed out Riots mistake with the UWU player title on Reddit on April 27, highlighting a capitalization mismatch with the internet trend.

For context, UwU is a modern emoticon that depicts peoples emotions when encountering an adorable scenario online. The emoticon is often used to describe cuteness overload and is particularly popular among anime enthusiasts. While the expression seems harmless, it can annoy a section of the internet.

Despite the expressions divisive nature, Riot embedded the popular emoticon in VALORANTs Episode Six, Act Threes battle pass as a free-to-earn title. Players must reach the fifteenth tier on the battle pass to grab it.

Unfortunately, the devs made a small blunder by naming the title UWU instead of UwU, triggering a light-hearted, yet considerably upset section in the fandom.

The Reddit user noted the error a few days after the new VALORANT battle pass was unlocked on live servers and announced it publicly on the busy platform, leading to several players acknowledging Riots harmless carelessness and demanding an immediate hotfix. Many even, jokingly, deemed the game unplayable due to the mistake. Unsurprisingly, it became a hot discussion, even attracting an officials attention.

Riots lead for product management, RiotSWAGGERNAU7, apologized for the mistake, promising theyll do better next time. Whether this comment hints at an imminent fix or is just a simple acknowledgment remains unclear for now.

In addition to the UWU title, VALORANTs Episode Six battle pass also features the Gizem and Beard Papi titles as free rewards for players to earn.

The Gizem title was added as a tribute to deceased pro Gizem Luie Harmankaya, who passed away during the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes which claimed over 50,000 lives. Beard Papi, on the other hand, is a quirky nickname for Brimstone, popularized by Gekko.

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