VALORANT’s most popular weapon continues to dominate at VCT LOCK//IN

The undisputed.

The debate about the best rifle in VALORANT has offered another point to the Vandal gang. 

At VCT LOCK//IN, the first international VALORANT event of the year, the Vandal is the most popular weapon of choice while the Phantom is a close second, according to data provided by

The Vandal has been purchased 2,443 times while the Phantom has been bought 1,775 times. The Sheriff in third place is miles behind the two rifles with 516 purchases. 

But the Phantom does have its place. Since the professional meta has switched to a double controller setup on some maps, the Phantom is incredibly effective since players cannot see its tracers in the smokes. 

The Phantom was praised by Sentinels star TenZ after last nights match with LOUD facing off against NRG. On one occasion, LOUD player saadhak eliminated s0m on Pearl when he was defusing the Spike in round 24. 

With the Phantom, Saadhak managed to take down s0m while running and spamming the smoke. 

This trend isnt anything new, the Vandal has been the superior weapon of choice for multiple international tournaments. Typically the Vandal averages almost double the purchases of the Phantom, by contrast. 

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At VCT Masters in Copenhagen, Denmark last year, players began the round with a Vandal in 41 percent of total rounds played, with the Phantom at 17 percent. The Vandal was the most popular weapon at the event. 

Unless the Phantom or Vandal receives some form of change it remains unlikely that the Phantom will reign supreme as the weapon of choice among professional players. Sorry, Phantom gang. 

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