VALORANT’s latest cinematic reveals the name and location of newest map

VALORANT is returning to India.

Riot Games has revealed a new VALORANT map and its location in the latest cinematic trailer for Episode Six. 

The newest VALORANT map will take place in India which is the same location where the most recently added agent Harbor is also from. Appropriately named Lotus, the new map can be seen being discovered by Harbor and Astra in the latest cinematic where the two traverse through the jungle in order to unlock a secret passage before discovering the new location. There are only a few moments where the map itself can be seen at the end of the trailer which shows a large temple-like structure with bright pink lotus flowers atop various peaks. 

Harbor had several teasers about him revealed before he was officially released which saw multiple examples of popular Indian food and locations. While there is no official confirmation that these teasers were also related to the new map, it would be possible since the locations are the same. Although the specific locations within India for both have not yet been revealed by Riot. 

The cinematic not only featured the teaser for the latest map, but it also tied back to teasers that had been released back in December. In the trailer Raze and Killjoy can be seen eating together in Korea alongside Jett on what appears to be a vacation of sorts. Riot teased a similar vacation with Raze, Killjoy, and Jett earlier, which is when the team officially confirmed that both Killjoy and Raze are in a romantic relationship which is emphasized in the newest trailer.

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