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VALORANT YouTuber discovers ‘broken spot’ on Icebox by super dashing with Jett

Another reason to nerf Jett.

The latest Jett exploit is sure to cause some nosebleeds.

VALORANT YouTuber HowToNoodle discovered a “broken spot” at the top of Icebox, posting a video today that details how to completely bamboozle the opposing squad. And all it takes is a Jett super dash.

Jett’s Tailwind typically propels the agent in a straight line, allowing her to quickly get out of harm’s way or close the gap to an unsuspecting opponent. By using the ability on specific points of a map, however, players can achieve a super dash that catapults them into the air.

To land this Icebox strat, HowToNoodle explains that you need to super dash from the attackers’ spawn. First, stand on the crates placed on the side of the ramp. Players then need to look at a specific point facing the computer room inside spawn and jump, holding the glide button. Once half your body is above the ramp, use Tailwind and it should propel you into the air. Players can then Updraft to land on the edge of Garage’s roof, giving you the perfect vantage point to pick off mid players and flankers.

Dot Esports was able to reproduce this exploit by only using one Updraft, saving the second charge to potentially use later in the round. But with all the resources needed to land on the spot, there’s little room for error.

It’s unclear if this is an unintended exploit that Riot will patch out. But if it adversely affects competitive integrity, the devs may step in and remove it.

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