VALORANT Tiktoker creates Fade inspired keyboard

She's in your head, and on your keycaps.

Keyboard Tiktoker vineasandferb created a mock-up of custom keycaps for VALORANTs newest agent Fade. 

Fade gained a lot of attention from the VALORANT community when images of her first leaked and showed her edgy and nightmarish personality. The communitys love for Fade transitioned into the mockup for the keycaps, amassing over 150,000 views and over 12,000 likes. It was one of vineasandferbs more popular videos and was released even before Fade hit VALORANT servers across the globe. 

The 60% keyboard features a color scheme directly from Fades own player card from her Agent contract. The number and letter keys are all in the standard black with white lettering, but the keys surrounding it are what make the keyboard unique to Fades personality. The escape key is a matte red with Fades eyeball logo in white lettering, while the tab key just below it is grey with an outline of the Turkish flag to represent where Fade comes from. Below that are the caps and shift key which are both grey and feature a ghoulish figure, as well as the VALORANT logo. 

The control, Windows, and alt keys are also grey and feature some more aspects from Fades Agent contract, such as her Fade spray. These keys are next to the matte red space bar to break up the sea of black and grey. On the other side of the keyboard is a perfect representation of her abilitie,s with each one having its own grey key on the bottom right hand of the keyboard. To finish it off, the enter key is also in matte red, and says “Fade” in the VALORANT font.

While this keyboard is just a mock-up, the outpouring of support from the community in the form of likes and views shows how popular Fade already is, and how many people would want a keyboard like this.

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