VALORANT teases new Oni 2.0 bundle and it looks like there might be a Katana coming soon

Just take our money already.

VALORANTs newest skin bundle is looking likely to be another addition to the beloved Oni skin collection, according to VALORLeaks and VALORANT developers alike.

The Riot hero shooter’s Twitter account shared a sneak peek of the next skin collection in a post on Sunday, Feb. 26. The tweet hinted at a skin revival, with the caption “again.” This has only fueled speculation from leakers suggesting the Oni 2.0 skin bundle is on its way.

In the tweet, four blades can be seen buried in the ground beneath a cherry blossom tree with the sun beaming behind them.

This wouldve been enough to send VALORANT fans into a skin-frenzy, however, VALORLeaks added the cherry on top with a Twitter post one minute later. It confirmed speculation surrounding a second Oni skin bundle and revealed the weapons inside. It will contain a vandal and a katana as the melee, the account claims.

The previous Oni skin collection included a Bucky, Guardian, Phantom, Shorty, and a Claw melee weapon in its bundle. Its been years since the July 21, 2020 release of the first Oni skin bundle, and its been long enough.

Unfortunately, theres currently no release date for the bundle, well just have to wait for the developers or leakers to provide more details.

At this stage, VALORANT players will just have to prepare their wallets.

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