VALORANT Secretlab chair gives players a Riot gun buddy—but not in-game

Will you pay $600 for a Riot gun buddy?

Riot Games has partnered with Secretlab to release the VALORANT Collection, the first line of licensed VALORANT merchandise that comes equipped with a Riot gun buddy. 

The elusive Riot gun buddy is something that all VALORANT players strive to obtain in-game. Only a select few have the privilege of getting a Riot gun buddy by winning it in a giveaway or having a positive interaction with a Riot employee. With the latest lineup of Secretlab chairs, Riot has added a physical version of the Riot gun buddy to every chair. 

Secretlab has been a long-term partner of Riot, releasing event and character-specific gaming chairs. There have already been VALORANT Champions Tour chairs released by Secretlab, but this version will be the first VALORANT-branded one. The VALORANT chair will be a Titan Evo 2022 edition and come with adjustable seating, chair pillow, and armrests that can be swapped at any time. At the bottom of the chair where the back connects to the seat is where the Riot gun buddy is located, that way any player can have one if they are willing to pay the $659 price tagbut that still won’t guarantee you the item in-game. 

The almost $700 gaming chair is not the only piece of VALORANT merchandise that players can purchase at the Secretlab store. There will also be a VALORANT-branded Secretlab MAGNUS metal desk that comes in either a stationary or standing option. Both are equally as pricey, with the stationary desk costing an additional $600 and the standing desk upwards of $1,000 depending on if it’s on sale. For those who already have the MAGNUS desk, Secretlab is offering VALORANT-themed cable management add-ons and a desk map for a significantly cheaper price.

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