VALORANT pros are still suffering from ‘trolls’ in ranked matches weeks after crypto-betting allegations

Ranked is nearly unplayable nowadays for many pros and streamers.

Former Fortnite professional player turned VALORANT player Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish is the latest pro to complain about the current state of competitive matches in Riot Games’ FPS.

One German professional player said on Twitter that random players ZZZ Aphun#laura and S1 Shakie#666 trolled one of his competitive matches in VALORANT, and benjyfishy joined the thread and revealed that he’s having problems with the same player for months.

“Aphun has been trolling my games for months,” benjyfishy said. “[He] says he isn’t trolling but drops 3 kills maximum [per] game. [I’m] sad to see this is still going on.”

According to Aphun’s profile on Twitter, he is looking to play as an in-game leader or flex and is willing to play VALORANT on a full-time basis. He hasn’t replied to the claims made by qrizlyy or benjyfishy, though. Benjyfishy, on the other hand, has been playing professional matches for a team called Enterprise Esports, which are currently ranked 42th in Europe, according to’s ranking.

There has been an uproar in VALORANT‘s professional scene since early January after professional players and streamers found out that there are players throwing ranked matches on purpose to fix results for crypto-betting websites that they’ve placed a bet on. It’s unknown if Aphun is one of these players trolling matches to earn money from crypto-betting websites.

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Riot will most likely have to take action against such websites to keep the competitive ladder of VALORANT operating at the level pros expect. The company has been radio silent about this matter and there are streamers like Tarik planning to create a private group for competitive matches to avoid being matched with match-fixers.

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