VALORANT pros and talent report late payments from one of the top tournament organizers

They are owed thousands.

Several VALORANT players from North America have claimed that they’re awaiting payment from tournament organizer Nerd Street Gamers. 

The Philadelphia-based esports infrastructure company, which partnered with VALORANT developer Riot Games to cover the three stages of the North American VALORANT Champions Tour last year, is yet to pay several pros for their placements at events scattered across the last year, with some members of the broadcast talent team having to wait half a year to receive payment. 

Multiple players spoke out publicly yesterday about the lack of prize money payments but others spoke to Dot Esports under the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal of job opportunities in esports. 

Former TSM Academy player Timothy ZK Ly sparked the discussion on Twitter last night after posting a tweet that said he is yet to be paid his cut from his teams second-place finish at the Nerd Street Summer Championship 2022 Finals, which took place in August. 

One commentator who worked with Nerd Street told Dot Esports that they are awaiting thousands in salaried payments yet to be paid after four months. Another commentator received payment after they had to chase the tournament organizer with constant messages and was paid four months late. 

A third commentator told Dot Esports in December that they had trouble receiving payment, too. Who’s going to save NSG to pay out the missed and delayed payments for talent and teams when they were hosting VCTs and Game Changers? they told Dot Esports. 

Others players and coaches chimed in with the former Ghost Gaming core that said they are awaiting payment. 

Oxygen esports player Yassin Reduxx Aboulalazm said his organization is owed $2,000. 

Shopify Rebels player Benita Novshadian said she is awaiting payments from two events: Game Changers Championship NA Series 2 and 3, the latter of which concluded in October. 

The former manager of Teal Seam Vapor said that his team is yet to receive their $1,250 prize money for finishing in the top eight of the event. Another team that finished in the top eight, VIRTUOSO, received their payment after constant pestering, they said. 

Dot Esports was made aware of the lack of payments at the conclusion of December but was unable to contact Riot for comment because the company has been on its holiday break.

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