VALORANT pro SicK banned on Twitch days after second arrest

It's unclear how long the ban is for.

Sentinels’ inactive VALORANT player Hunter “SicK” Mims has been suspended from the streaming platform Twitch today for the first time since StreamerBans started tracking bans back in 2019.

It’s unclear how long Twitch has banned SicK for and what the reasoning is, but based on evidence from some of his livestreams in May, it’s likely because he posted hateful conduct, which is against Twitch’s community guidelines. Fans took screenshots of SicK using the N-word racial slur among other questionable posts in his chat.

“Twitch aims to be a place where everyone can come together in shared, community experiences,” the Hateful Conduct part of Twitch’s community guidelines reads. “Twitch does not permit behavior that is motivated by hatred, prejudice or intolerance, including behavior that promotes or encourages discrimination, denigration, harassment, or violence based on the following protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition, and veteran status.”

SicK has been showing erratic behavior on his livestreams and social media since February after he flew to Brazil alongside Sentinels for VCT LOCK//IN. He was arrested once in March for criminal trespassing and was arrested again on the same charge on May 8, but was released from jail on May 9. It’s unclear how Sentinels is dealing with SicK, but the organization said after his first arrest he was temporarily suspended and had to undergo training following his release from jail.

Due to Twitch never revealing the reason and time length of suspensions, we won’t know what fully happened unless SicK himself comes forward and shares the information Twitch relayed to him. It’s unlikely he received a permanent ban, though, as this is only the first time in years he’s been suspended.

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