VALORANT players want Riot Games to add League-style solo queue in competitive

Should VALORANT adapt the League of Legends playlist style?

VALORANT Redditors have come together to discuss the likelihood of a solo-only competitive queue. This mode would resemble that of Riot Games other title, League of Legends, which has competitive queues for solo and duo players as well as a flex queue for those wanting triple or five stacks.

Current VALORANT queues allow players to stack by themselves and two, three, and five people. But, playing with five will put players against stacks of other fives to make things fair. Unlike League, VALORANT operates only on one competitive queue that matches players depending on the number of players in their lobby.

I have seen a recurring issue where I have a team that doesn’t communicate at all, not even text in comp (Plat/Dia), said Reddit poster Konzetsuu. I know that this is a common theme that people experience but I’ve noticed an underlying trend that is 2 & 3 stacks in comp that are in voice on discord together that are communicating to each other but not to the rest of us.

On Reddit, players began discussing the possibility of VALORANT adding a queue for solo players only. Underneath the post, Redditors spoke about their enthusiasm for a mode designed for players who are looking to rank up without friends. One of the main arguments in favor of the queue change was many players dont have friends to play with at their rank without a large disparity. VALORANT recently updated its five-stack ruling, allowing for more players to play with friends further away from their own ranks. The only problem is that these rank queues are only for players playing with five people instead of one or two.

We need solo queue, said one user. Coz I got no friends.

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