VALORANT players want more from Omen’s ultimate and they’ve brewed up some big ideas

What would you change?

Omen is one of the more popular Controllers in VALORANT, mainly due to his simple ability kit. His smokes are easy to place down and will refresh over time, his blind is easy to aim, and his teleport can get him out of sticky situations. However, there seems to be one thing holding him backhis ultimate, From the Shadows.

While the ult can be used to sneak up on the enemy, scout out an area, or pick up the spike, From the Shadows doesnt have as big of an impact as other ults.

In fact, many VALORANT players have been asking for some sort of buff or rework to make it a little more viable in a May 21 Reddit thread.

The simplest way to buff it would be to lower the cost. As it stands, From the Shadows requires seven ult points. Thats the same as Astras wall, Jetts knives, and Skyes seekers, and yet, Omens ult doesnt feel like its on the same level as those. In fact, it costs more than Reynas Empress, which has the potential to clutch rounds and get multiple kills.

Players suggested five or six ult points would be more appropriate for Omen. Dropping at least one ult point would put his ultimate at six just like Reyna, Phoenix, and Cypher.

Other creative ideas focused on protecting Omen immediately after he teleports with his ult. Players mentioned adding the paranoia effect from Spike Rush to distract the enemy or adding a smaller non-toxic version of Vipers pit Omen can hide in. Either of those ideas would help Omen stay alive after teleporting so he wouldnt have to cancel it.

The ultimate could also be improved a little if VALORANT players had the option to set their teleport location ahead of time, fans suggested. Let the player pre-set where they want to TP which in turn allows you to instantly TP by just pressing ult key again. That takes out a lot of unnecessary delay in his ult. This would enable Omen to get to where he needs to be faster or to teleport out of an area right before disaster strikes.

Along with these more logical ideas, players also collaborated in creating a long list of absurd ways to make Omens ult broken. The list included: a helmet to make you unheadshotable, one free revive if you die, and the ability to summon five Brimstone ults.

All jokes aside, there are clearly a lot of different ways Omens VALORANT ultimate can be buffed, even if its something as simple as reducing its cost.

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