VALORANT players love the Oni Katana, but one thing still disappoints them

The price tags on VALORANT skins keep increasing.

The highly-awaited sequel of VALORANT‘s Oni skins’ sparked large enthusiasm when it was recently revealed but leaked information left fans baffled with its release date just around the corner.

Most fans knew the Oni Katana, which is the Oni 2.0 bundle’s main focus, would be exceedingly high. Still, the leaked price of 5,350 Valorant Points has taken many of them aback, especially when put into context.

The Oni Katana is going to be one of the most expensive knife skins in VALORANT, costing the equivalent of around $56. The entire bundle, however, will only cost 1,750 more VP (around $19).

Players have been complaining about how much the individual skin costs compared to the bundle, which will also include skins for the Frenzy, Vandal, Ares, and Bulldog.

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“I was planning on only getting the knife whichever the price is. But no, the game is basically forcing me to buy the whole bundle if I want the knife,” wrote a user in a thread from the game’s official subreddit.

“I don’t want an Ares and a Frenzy or a Bulldog skin, I never use these weapons, I’m not buying any skins at all from this bundle. The more we agree to buy their overpriced shit the more theyll increase their prices.”

Players have backed up this complaint in top-voted comments. They also criticized the fact that the most expensive weapon skins have yet to join the Night Market’s roster.

Those events return every two months and allow players to get skins at discounted prices for a random pool of items. It won’t likely be available for the Oni Katana, though.

“Weapon skins have always been incredibly overpriced trying to copy the CS:GO mentality of expensive skins are cool/rare,” commented another user. “The big difference though is I can sell my CS:GO skins to get money back.”

The price of VALORANT‘s high-end skins has been dividing the community since the release of its first bundle. Riot Games took a different approach from its other titles when designing skins, bringing their quality to a higher level with a matching cost.

The price of the Oni Katana is nearly unmatched among knife skins, according to the leak, except for one other skin: the exclusive 2023 VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia, made available in several variants last month.

The only other melee skin with the same price as the Oni Katana is the Spectrum Waveform, released in 2021. It was part of a collaboration with DJ Zedd, featuring his music when using the weapon.

Meanwhile, the official price tag of the individual knife skin is still shrouded in mystery. The bundle is planned to join VALORANT‘s shop later tonight.

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