VALORANT players discover new way to get out of maps with Phoenix ultimate

Beware of this bug.

VALORANT players have found a way to get out of multiple maps with Phoenixs ultimate ability and Sages wall.

Phoenix hasnt been a popular choice in VALORANT lately since other duelists outshine this once prominent character. But a new glitch allowing players to get out of the map by using his ultimate ability might bring players back, although the glitch has limited uses in actual matches. 

VALORANT YouTuber TPAXTOP found a new way to get out of the map by activating Phoenixs ultimate ability on top of Sages wall in certain spots. One video shows an area on Bind where players can get into the wall and still shoot enemies, which could be deadly. Another video shows the same tactic on Fracture, establishing the glitch can happen on multiple maps. 

This glitch requires an ultimate ability and Sages wall, making it an expensive tactic with little payoff. Players can potentially cover B site on Fracture from the glitched spot, but the wall and ultimate ability could be better used elsewhere. The glitch on Bind is slightly worse since this isnt a crucial area of the map in most situations. 

While this isnt a game-breaking bug, it still helps to be aware of these issues if you unexpectedly find an enemy in a wall. Riot Games has fixed similar problems in the past, so this bug should be removed in a future update.

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