VALORANT players condemn Riot for ‘disgusting’ Radianite micro-transactions ploy

This might be the final straw for some players.

VALORANTs new Radiant Entertainment skin bundle has sparked a fierce discussion regarding Radianite points and their value in the micro-transactional ecosystem. While VALORANT is a free-to-play title, its disgusting extra dose of in-game currency has players begging Riot developers to rethink their revenue strategy.

Right now, VALORANT gamers who purchase an expensive weapon bundle are met with a second paywall. This paywall restricts players from accessing certain colors and sounds for a gun they’ve already spent a significant amount of money on.

Crowds massed in a Reddit thread on April 25 to slam the VALORANT micro-transactions they say are wringing the fan base out for an extra buck. The consensus was: players are sick of the “greedy” system and want it changed.

VALORANT has released six skin bundled this year alone, all with varying price tags for each weapon. The Radianite points element provides extra elements to a player’s weapon, but many fans were quick to add in the Reddit discussion that they arent really buying bundles with the base weapon skins in mind.

If you do purchase the battle pass, youll receive some Radianite points for your hard-earned cash. However, its not nearly enough to upgrade your also newly bought guns. Players earn 30 RP as they trek through the battle pass, and each upgrade costs roughly 10 to 15 RP.

Players compared it to other titles like Fortnite, which allow gamers to accrue V-bucks via battle pass progression, eventually giving them a future pass for free.

The VALORANT weapon bundles themselves can cost up to $120 and players have already been voicing concerns over them for some time.

This issue has the community in an uproar, with gamers begging the devs to finally change this system for good. Their hopes, many said, was that VALORANT players could eventually be ‘rewarded’ for spending so much money on cosmetics.

Riot didnt return Dot Esports’ request for comment before publication.

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