VALORANT players call for Riot to implement one of Steam’s best social features

It would be nice but there's an easy fix.

One of the best social features Valve implemented for Steam is the ability to see someone’s past username, which makes figuring out someone’s previous nickname super easy. And VALORANT players want Riot Games to implement this feature into VALORANT, the fandom declared in a Reddit thread on May 21.

Choosing your in-game name (IGN) can be fun yet daunting, especially if you’re not good at naming things. So, if you’ve chosen something you find a little silly or want to change it, most games offer the ability to do so.

But the problem with that is if you change your name you risk your friends wondering who you are, and you may get deleted or blocked. Neither of those options is a good thing.

To combat this, some VALORANT players feel like a feature that shows a person’s previous IGN would make it easier to tell who they are without having you bug the “random person who suddenly appeared on your friend list” to find out who they are. And that could be a little awkward if it’s someone you often play with.

Although Riot may never implement an official solution, players have suggested that, while it would be nice, you could use the “friend’s note” section. It’s a breeze to use, and all you have to do is add a quick note with their IGN, or even how or when they were added to your friend list, and hit save. 

While it may be a little tedious, especially if you have an extensive friends list, you can add each name to their friend note section individually. And if one of your friends happens to change their name, you’re covered

Even though it would be a great social feature, friend notes are an already established tool you can use to record a person’s IGNit may just take some time to implement.

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