VALORANT player showcases sneaky wallbang on Pearl

This is a wallbang to remember.

Despite Pearl being just over a month old, VALORANT players have already found a plethora of wallbang spots on the underwater map.

A player called DravTheGuy recently showcased an interesting wallbang on the top mid of the map, nearby the attacker’s spawn. This easy wallbang allows players to shoot through the wall that divides the spawn and mid.

In a game of deathmatch, the player was equipped with a Phantom and was approaching the entrance to top mid from the attacker’s spawn. There, they caught out an enemy camping and waiting for someone to walk by. The player noted where the enemy was hiding, backed up a few steps, and finished them off with a barrage of bullets straight through the wall.

Wallbangs are a common thing in VALORANT and there are many spots on every single map. What’s interesting about this one, though, is that it potentially allows players from spawn to eliminate enemies on the other side of mid. Once players get to know this spot, they will surely use it to pick up easy kills.

Pearl was disabled during VCT Masters Copenhagen earlier this month and will remain disabled during the Last Chance Qualifiers in August ahead of VALORANT Champions in September. The map is expected to be enabled for Champions, giving players a first look at Pearl on the international stage.

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