VALORANT player discovers very unique way to shut down toxic teammates

We're amazed this worked.

One happy-go-lucky VALORANT player has discovered an unorthodox way to calm down tilted teammates, and it might be something well all be doing soon enough.

The player in question had an unreasonable Reyna barking orders and abusing the team as the scoreline drifted further in the opposition’s favor in a May 10 match. The cool, calm, and collected players next course of action was to meow at Reyna, and somehow, it turned the tide, calming down the toxic teammate.

Community members should take notes from this post on /r/VALORANT; it won’t be long until cat-like players are popping up all over the place in ranked queues.

VALORANT players immediately embraced the strange yet hilarious reaction as both a funny and non-toxic way to approach difficult teammates. After the initial praise for the very unique tactic had died down, others showcased their responsesbut in comparison to the top-tier meow reply, they seemed far less efficient.

Moaning was one of the more common responses to toxicity from the community.

However, players seem to believe the meowing poster is the hero we need. The player base believes newer VALORANT gamers shouldn’t be torn to shreds in their competitive games, and the community has rallied behind the meow.

Meowing aside, Riot Games has taken steps to provide a competitively driven, but fair gaming experience through a series of VALORANT updates recently.

In April, the Premier update brought in a tournament mode for those who are looking for that intense, blood-pumping gameplay. Premier sets VALORANT players in pre-organized teams of five with the clear goal to win as a synchronized unit. The queue is designed to put the most victory-driven grinders into a system that promotes that energy.

So far, there are still plenty of win-at-all-cost players in VALORANT, but this unique new meow technique might be the new meta for bringing them back to reality.

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