VALORANT player develops LED integration with their setup

Now it's even more colorful.

One VALORANT player has gone above and beyond to make the Riot Games tactical FPS as immersive as possible. 

Today a Reddit user posted their LED integration with their computer setup, which enables them to experience different colors that correspond to actions in-game. For example, Astras gravity well ability triggers a rippling purple effect. 

The player has the LED integrated with their computer, keyboard, and light strips behind their monitor.

Specific abilities and actions in VALORANT trigger different colors, however. The video began with the user planting the Spike on Haven, which triggered a red and blue effect that looks similar to a police siren. 

Cyphers tripwire, which covers a small area of the map, triggers a small blue line across the keyboard that mimics the line made by the tripwire once placed between two surfaces. Similarly, Jetts dash triggers a blue movement effect that changes direction. 

Almost every other ability in the game has a color effect that replicates its in-game counterpart. Razes Boombot, Fades Nightfall, Sages Wall, Sovas Hunters Fury, and even Chambers Trademark. 

Considering the number of flashes in the game, some players may find it difficult to deal with these other LED effects, however. One Reddit user joked is there by a chance an effect where you get flashed by breach or skye you get flashed irl too…”

Others have said this may be a bit too distracting to play with, especially if you want to remain focused on VALORANT as much as possible.

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