VALORANT player creates list of everything wrong with the game—and it’s hard to disagree

Growing pains.

VALORANT arrived on the FPS scene as the Counter-Strike killer in 2020. But now its going through all the issues that CS:GO has had over its lifetime.

This stage of its lifespan is a long and arduous period to deal with. Despite being one of the most viewed FPS titles in the genre, hosting million-dollar tournaments, and boasting millions of viewers in the later stages of these events, Reddit thinks its time to finally give it the chance at being a staple FPS title.

Like Counter-Strike, which suffered from similar grievances from their community, like the lack of 128-tick matchmaking servers (still an issue), cheating, smurfing, and hit registration issues, VALORANTs community has now started to follow in its footsteps. 

A Reddit post detailing the necessary fixes for the game shared that Val is great, but it needs several key changes to become top tier, and a staple FPS game.

This caused quite a stir in the VALORANT community, with tons of feedback coming from all sides.

Players agreed with the more familiar issues, which tend to span from title to title. Smurfing is definitely a huge problem, one Redditor said.

Screengrab via Reddit

Others commented on the significance of the tick rates in servers. This conversation will be deja vu for CS:GO players.

French-Bravo commented, true/native 128-tick servers would be a drastical change, thats for sure.

Screengrab via Reddit

Some users disagreed with points but overall agreed with others. The user who posted the complaints to Reddit argued for Phantom buffs, saying it needs to compete with the Vandal. 

This was one of the main issues people disagreed with. I still genuinely believe that the phantom is a significantly better gun than the vandal, one user said.

Screengrab via Reddit

The user’s post also discussed changes to the store, and this is where VALORANT players think corporate greed wont change the issues they presented. 

Screengrab via Reddit

Either way, these games will continue to have issues like this for years to come. Becoming aware that its a process will hopefully help players enjoy the game more.

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