VALORANT Patch 6.04: Full notes and updates

Are you ready for Gekko?

After tons of anticipation, VALORANT Patch 6.04 hits the live servers today.

While the patch doesn’t include many changes since it mostly focuses on performance updates and fixes for agents and other aspects of the game, it will add one main featureGekko. The newest initiator is ready to make a splash in the meta.

The agent comes from Los Angeles, U.S., and will be a unique character to play. Gekko possesses multiple different creatures which help him to flash and frustrated enemies.

Besides the new agent, the patch focuses on performance issues and bugs. The devs updated the synchronization to input latency and fixed some problems related to Sage and Sova’s abilities. You can find all the VALORANT Patch 6.04 notes below.

Agent updates

Gekko is now live.

  • Gekko’s full list of abilities can be found here.

Performance updates

  • Updated thread synchronization to reduce input latency.
  • Input latency has been improved by one frame for players who meet all of the following criteria:
  1. They do not have NVIDIA Reflex/AMD Anti-Lag available/enabled.
  2. They have multithreaded rendering enabled.
  3. They use VSYNC.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where if Sage’s Barrier Orb was damaged while fortifying, it would fortify to full health instead of going to max health minus the damage that was dealt during fortification.
  • Fixed a bug where abilities, like Sova Drone that are pushed by the Lotus doors into other players, could continue to push players even after the door stops or the players exited the doors area.
  • Fixed hitch where game mode-related UI is loaded in a blocking manner on game startup.
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