VALORANT Patch 5.0 introduces Pearl, Ascendant rank, and removes Split from Unrated and Competitive map pools

Patch 5.0 is shaking up the VALORANT map pool.

VALORANT Patch 5.0 is introducing the new map Pearl, removing Split from Unrated and Competitive queues, and bringing in the new Ascendant rank. 

One of the most significant changes in Patch 5.0 is the introduction of the new map Pearl and the removal of Split. Pearl is the new underwater map on Omega Earth, adding a unique environment to explore. But the new map is also resulting in Split being removed from the Unrated and Competitive queue for the time being. 

Riot Games explained that Split is being removed since seven maps is its ideal number for a map pool. This prevents players from having to memorize a new map and makes it easier for new players to dive into the game. There isnt a set return date for Split, but the developers hinted at it coming back with updates in the future. 

Patch 5.0 also marks the introduction of the new Ascendant rank. This rank will be between Diamond and Immortal and is designed to help fix the rank distribution. Riot believes there are too many players in Bronze and Silver but doesnt want to overpopulate the Platinum and Diamond ranks. The result is a new rank that will help with distribution without impacting the prestige of higher ranks. 

Ascendant will affect the queue restrictions, MMR requirements, and the ranks of players below and above Ascendant. Lower players will likely be ranked higher, while Immortal players must work harder to reach their previous rank. A full breakdown of the MMR changes can be found in the official patch notes. Patch 5.0 also addresses multiple bugs and glitches, significantly improving the overall VALORANT experience. 

VALORANT Patch 5.0 will be released on June 22 with Episode Five, Act One. 

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