VALORANT maps Breeze and Bind are gone, but it’s for a good reason

Lotus and Split will fill the map void.

Maps Breeze and Bind have been removed from VALORANT for the foreseeable future while Riot Games reworks them.

With the release of Episode Six, Riot has decided to remove these two maps from the game so that they can be properly optimized. A few months back, Riot did something similar with the popular map Split. In that instance, Split was removed from all modes except Deathmatch while the developers improved various aspects of the match.

The same will be done to Breeze and Bind to ensure that there is no advantage for either defending or attacking. Breeze is the newer of the two maps and has received little to no changes. Meanwhile, Bind has received changes in the past it is still relatively similar to how the ma originally looked back when VALORANT first launched.

Since removing these maps would drastically limit the map pool for both unrated and competitive, Riot has opted to bring back Split and add a new map Lotus to the rotation. This will fill the gap that would have otherwise been left if Breeze and Bind were removed completely.

Over the last few months, Riot has developed Split so that both attacking and defending will be played differently than when the map was first released which appears to be the goal with these maps as well.

There is no set timeframe that these maps will be missing from the game, but to use Split as an estimate, it most likely will take weeks if not months before they return.

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