VALORANT fans already have an opinion on xQc’s potential new team—and it’s not good

Not everyone is on board the hype train.

Twitch superstar xQc hasn’t confirmed he’s picking up NA Challengers League free-agents Turtle Troop yet, but VALORANT fans are already questioning his reported investment thanks to the team’s poor form in the tournament so far (1-2 record).

Although part of the community is excited with the prospect of a streamer as famous as xQc signing a professional VALORANT team in NA Challengers League because of all the audience and exposure he could bring, there are fans who simply deem the move a waste of money because of Turtle Troop’s current form.

The sponsorless team have lost to Shopify Rebellion and FaZe Clan, and only won a match versus Moist Moguls, right after they were picked up by Ludwig and MoistCr1TiKaL. Should Turtle Troop lose to G2 later today, they’re out of contention to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational and would play their last Split One match just due to obligations.

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“I wish I had this money to throw away,” one VALORANT fan said on Reddit today. “Why waste money,” another fan wrote. In addition to these comments, there are also fans wondering why xQc would invest in a team who will likely not get to play in the Ascension tournament and fight for a spot in the franchised league as there are stronger squads in Challengers such as G2, M80, and The Guard.

Even though Turtle Troop are not a great team at the moment, nothing would prevent xQc from making roster changes in time for NA Challengers Split Two.

To add to that, what some fans don’t understand is how much money xQc makes from content creation and how he can make even more money by hosting watch parties on Twitch and creating narratives versus his fellow streamers Disguised Toast, Ludwig, and MoistCr1TiKaL.

Turtle Troop will play G2 later today at 3pm CT and there’s a chance this could be their debut under xQc’s ownership.

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