VALORANT fan creates an eerie nighttime version of Bind

We'd be scared to check our corners.

One fan took VALORANT map customizations to another level after transforming Binds daytime desert into a nighttime masterpiece that leaves an eerie, yet cool, feeling.

The two-minute video was posted to Reddit by u/-Atom1k- and showcases Bind in a different light. Or in better words, no light at all.

The map itself features several differences aside from it being changed to nighttime. This version of Bind also features many different textures through better versions of AA as well as adding animations to the subtle aspects of the map such as real water, tree, and bush movement. 

Other changes that can be seen on the map also include a little smoke for the air conditioners and a damaged ac unit. And while a silent video, the modded version of Bind also features water and enhanced ambiance sounds that really add to the overall mood change from the original version of Bind.

As a result of the creators efforts, the post has amassed over 400 upvotes since first being posted where it has been met with positive feedback, and some are asking for it to be added to the game.

Cool stuff man good job, One Redditor commented. Would for sure love an alternate game mode where all the maps were set to night mode.

While a cool concept in theory to have a nighttime mode, some users were weary of how a nighttime map could create some issues for players in the game.

IMO This is why a night-themed map can be pretty bad in the game since its so dark that you can just tuck yourself in the corner and be camouflaged as fuck, Another Redditor commented. But it can be counterplay by just making lights brighter or just add night vision goggles.

Still, the same commenter responded to his initial comment by saying that the map still looks cool as fuck and that they still would like to play the map in a non-competitive setting.

According to the users Reddit comment, the project itself was done in Unreal Engine 5, something that they mentioned when apologizing for the lag. Currently, there are no nighttime maps in VALORANT, likely because of complications with vision.

Still, having the option to have a nighttime version for maps would be something that could create an interesting variation for the casual player looking to experience something different from the usual bright daylight. Only time will tell if this customized Bind will spark a new style of VALORANT maps in the future.

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