VALORANT expert shares one easy tip for Jett mains on Pearl

Jett should be doing this every round.

Its been nearly a year since Pearl was released in VALORANT, but players are still figuring out what works on the map. Thankfully, one expert and coach, Dopai, has a super easy tip you can start using in your Pearl matches if you play Jett.

In Dopais recent How Radiants Abuse this ONE thing on Pearl video, he urged all Jett mains to play B every round when defending on Pearl. Attackers tend to go B more often on this map, and Jett is one of the best agents to fight B Long along with Reyna, Chamber, and Yoru, who all have the ability to get out quickly after securing a kill. 

More importantly, Jett should already be on B to avoid a retake situation. Dopai emphasized that Retake B on Pearl is trash. He gave the example of the attackers planting on the outer edge of B and spamming the defenders from Long. As a defender, you dont want to be forced to defuse the bomb while the enemies are all hiding from a distance while spamming bullets and throwing their mollies at you. 

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Retaking A tends to be easier, so its wise to focus more on locking down B to prevent the plant. We kill them before they plant. Or we contest the plant so that we dont have to play retake Because we are not gonna win the post-plant, Dopai said.

In addition to B site, Dopai gave two other spots Jett can occasionally play. She can go Art if she has her knives or Mid Doors to flank toward B. But other than those exceptions, Jett mains should stick with B to give their team a better chance at winning more rounds on defense.

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