VALORANT devs finally confirm replay system in the works

It's a miracle.

Anna Donlon, the VALORANT dev team lead, has confirmed a replay system is in development.

As well as the highly anticipated replay system, which will give players a better understanding of the game and help them learn from their mistakes, new server locations are in the works, mode updates, and insert the thing you really care about here.

We typically dont talk about those things until we can make firmer commitments around dates or share actual details, Donlon said on Wednesday. Mainly out of concern we might hype things up sooner than we should, over-promise, etc.

The devs will be holding a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Friday to discuss agents planned for the months ahead and provide further details about modes and featurespotentially including the replay systemfor the year.

In May 2022, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, the developer of product management at Riot Games, responded to backlash when it was revealed there were no plans in the immediate future for a replay system.

Theres more in the pipes and all of the teams are super eager to share more details, just waiting for clearer timelines and details for when, Gylfason said at the time. The devs are all super passionate about the game and the community and want to talk more about what theyre doing. The biggest thing well be focusing on is making sure our teams feel confident in sharing openly and frequently with the community so we can all get more comfortable being in this together.

When the new replay system will hit the live servers still remains to be seen. But knowing Riot, players will almost certainly get a clearer indication soon.

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