VALORANT dev confirms next map will feature ‘new mechanic’

Fans are eager to find out more.

VALORANT will introduce a fresh new mechanic soon, according to one of the game developers.

Joe Lansford, a VALORANT dev, teased a “new mechanic” will be joining the game with the next map. In an interview with Red Bull over the weekend, he explained the mechanic won’t be anything out of the ordinary and will be in some ways akin to another map in the pool.

“It’s [new map] gonna have a new mechanic. Yeah, it’s not too crazy, it’s not teleporters,” he said. “But there will be a new mechanic. It’s going to be similar to another map in the pool.” He was, however, tight-lipped about the subject and didn’t want to give away anything else.

Riot Games is removing Bind and Breeze from the map pool in January with the introduction of Patch 6.0. Split, which was removed in June 2022, will also be making a comeback with some “new changes.”

With two maps leaving the game and one returning, it suggests a new map could be making its debut next month. The devs, however, have yet to shed any light on the new map and everything still remains to be seen.

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