VALORANT community stunned by VCT Masters Tokyo trophy’s ‘weird’ design

Fans are happy with the creative direction Riot took.

Riot Games revealed the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy on the night of May 22 and the reaction to it has been astonishingly positive despite its uncharacteristic design.

Some VALORANT fans seem to think the trophy alludes to agent KAY/O’s leg or to agent Yoru’s mask, but none of these theories has been confirmed by Riot. One particular fan, however, wrote on Reddit that the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy also looks like a “weird prosthetic leg.”

All in all, most of the fans loved the design and took the opportunity to take shots at BLAST for the design of the Paris Major trophy, adding more fire to the already-known feud between CS:GO and VALORANT, which started when Riot Games launched its FPS in 2020.

The VCT Masters Tokyo trophy has arguably the most innovative design out of any other trophy Riot has designed for VALORANT since the beginning of the professional game’s scene. For some fans, the trophy looks so pretty that they want their favorite team to win the competition even more. “Give your life for this,” one fan wrote to LOUD’s players and coach on Twitter.

Here are some of the best community reactions to the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy:

VCT Masters Tokyo will be the second international VCT event of the year following LOCK//IN São Paulo in February and March.

VCT Masters Tokyo will be played between June 11 to 25 and will feature four teams from VCT EMEA, three teams from VCT Americas, and DRX, Paper Rex, and T1 from VCT Pacific, in addition to EDward Gaming and Attacking Soul Esports from China. The European and American teams will be finalized after the conclusion of their respective league playoffs in the next few days.

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