VALORANT coach explains why your positioning is essential for those tricky post-plant kills

Never give your opponent a chance to win the round.

On top of learning and mastering your shooting skills and the abilities of each of your favorite agents in VALORANT, you should also be paying attention to details, like your positioning in post-plant situations because it can secure you guaranteed rounds you otherwise could lose. Fortunately, professional coach Jolly “Jollz” Goodman has dove into this subject in his latest piece of educational content on YouTube.

Jollz showcases a post-plant position in his video that most players could consider a great spot to sit and wait for the enemy due to it being an off-angle. What some players don’t realize, however, is that holding such an angle on Lotus while in a three-vs-one situation is non-optimal because there’s no trade potential whatsoever.

In these tricky post-plant situations in which you have the advantage on your side, you should look to get information on the whereabouts of the remaining player by jiggle-peeking or jump-peeking, according to Jollz. This is one of the best actions you could take, but Jollz actually recommends players play off each other in these situations.

For example, position yourself in a spot where you can engage the remaining enemy whenever your teammate sees him because this way you’ll trade your teammate with an easy kill and secure the round for your team.

“The second Breach shoots, I’m swinging and getting the trade kill,” Jollz said.

After you get to a higher rank in VALORANT or other tactical shooters, you’ll notice that most of the matches come down to making fewer mistakes than the enemy team. After you pass certain ranks, every player understands the basic mechanics of the game, but not everyone understands the game’s macro and micro and that’s why casual players make wrong decisions that get easily punished.

If you want to get better at VALORANT, you can read guides here on Dot Esports on how to surprise your enemies by holding a cheeky angle or how to take the most of Viper’s ultimate, for example.

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