VALORANT Challengers League forced to cut content and broadcasts after sponsors pull out

It's tough times for everyone.

The Polaris league, the Northern Europe-based VALORANT Challengers league serving as one of several EMEA tier-two leagues that make up the Challengers circuit, is yet another example of an entity in esports struggling to get by in the current economic climate.

According to an email sent by organizer Promod to various Polaris participants, shared by Moist Esports coach Tanishq “Tanizhq” Sabharwal, the league’s production capabilities have been scaled back due to a lack of sponsored partnerships. This includes “multiple partnerships” that did not renew with the league prior to the current split, and “potential sponsor partners” that ultimately decided not to sponsor the league.

The tournament operator is reportedly “operating the league at cost” and has had to make several cost-cutting decisions just to keep the league going. This has included the removal of planned video content and all live social media coverage, plus the shifting of various production roles during the current split. These changes will carry over into the second split, where Tuesday matches will no longer be broadcast.

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For weeks now, original social media coverage of the league via the official Polaris account has consisted solely of basic match graphics.

Currently, Promod says it is working with streamers and influencers to ensure watch parties on the second split Tuesday matches, in addition to working on bringing on some new sponsor partners in the future.

In a reply to the email he shared, coach Tanizhq said that fans shouldn’t blame Promod because it’s just caught in a cycle: no money means no content, which means no viewership, which means no interested sponsors, which means no money.

The first split of Polaris has already concluded as of March 12, with Apeks winning the grand finals 3-1 over FOKUS.

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