VALORANT bug on Lotus door gives players unfair movement advantage

Round and round in circles.

The newest map in VALORANT has had some issues since its release, with the revolving door mechanic still broken. 

The Lotus doors, which were added as one of the new features for the map, dont operate like usual doors in VALORANT. Most of the time, you can break them with your arsenal. But these doors on Lotus wont budge, regardless of what you throw at them. 

Although you can activate the Lotus doors, they rotate instead of being broken. This has led to some strange bugs that sometimes cause players and utility to glitch out. 

Today, for example, a Reddit user posted a clip of them attempting to breach the A site through one of the doors located to the right of the chokepoint from the attackers. While they managed to cross safely, they didnt anticipate a rude awakening on the other side of the door. 

The player attempted to catch the opponent who was holding the door push from the defending side off guard. But as the door was almost slammed shut, the player was flung toward the opponent, almost like the door was squeezing the player through. 

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The defender was stunned by the strange glitch and fell to the player as they readjusted their aim. 

This isnt the first time players have discovered some strange bugs with the doors on Lotus. In January, prior to the maps introduction to professional play, Lotus underwent changes to lower the audio of the doors and players could no longer get stuck between them.

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