VALORANT beat Overwatch 2 in adding this key feature—and OW2 players are upset

They're not happy about VALORANT getting to premiere this.

Riot yesterday announced plans to introduce a completely new way for players to compete in its tactical shooter VALORANT through an upcoming competitive system called Premier, and popular Overwatch players are already upset that Blizzard hasnt introduced a similar system like it.

Despite coming out in 2020, four years after Overwatch, VALORANT has an incoming game mode that has made OW players jealous. The general idea behind Premier is that players who consistently stack up with their friends can do weekly challenges together and ultimately play in a tournament at their rank toward the end of a competitive season to help feed their competitive drive.

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The in-game tournament system is one that people like former OW pro Jonathan Reinforce Larsson and other content creators like Christopher Jay3 Pavloff are perplexed by. Not because its coming to VALORANT, but because its coming to a game that is less than half as old as Overwatch first.

Admitting his jealousy, Reinforce added that he cant believe VALORANT is getting a game mode like that. Meanwhile, Jay3 chimed in by mentioning the official Overwatch account to see if Blizzard was taking notes.

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Blizzard made significant changes to Overwatch as the game transitioned to Overwatch 2, featuring changes to the games competitive modes. But instead of being innovative, developers largely seemed to move the games battle pass and competitive format to more closely mirror other successful titles.

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