VALORANT agent with highest win rate in Radiant only has 4.8 percent pick rate

The essentials are always necessary.

In VALORANT, not everybody wants to play simple agents, but most times, they are necessary to find success. Some characters are much more exciting to use, and some have much more interesting abilities to use on the battlefield, but they don’t always lead to victory.

Sage is one of the most impactful Sentinels in the game, and even has the highest win rate of any agents for the game’s top rank with a 54 percent win rate among Radiants, according to VALORANT stats aggregate Blitz. She does, however, only have a measly 4.8 percent pick rate, which makes her only the ninth-most-played agent in the game among the top players in the game.

She is also the only Sentinel in the top five for win percentages, leading over picks like Phoenix, Raze, Neon, and Brimstone, as she brings a ton of valuable utility that can be the deciding factor between a won and lost round.

Not only does Sage have a massive ice wall and a slowing field that can halt an enemy push in its tracks, but she also has a crucial healing ability that can keep allies in a fight that they’d normally want to disengage from due to the damage they’ve sustained. Her ultimate ability even resurrects a fallen teammate, which could balance the playing field during game-deciding rounds in an uneven fight.

One of the biggest reasons, however, that Sage doesn’t get much playing time is that she isn’t the most exciting agent to pilot. As a Sentinel, she mostly stays back to provide support for her allies and is best used to slow down incoming enemies instead of engaging, since her kit is best used defensively.

Teammates can also be a bit too pushy with Sage players when asking for heals or resurrects, especially when they aren’t in an advantageous position for the Sage to heal or use her ultimate. As a result, Sage players can take a ton of unwarranted blame for losses, if they aren’t able to heal or use their ultimate quickly enough.

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