Valkyrie has a 98-percent pick rate at ALGS Championship so far

Move over, Gibraltar. Pros have a new favorite legend.

For a long time, Gibraltar was the legend pro Apex Legends players favored the most. But a recent statistic from the ALGS Championship broadcast on Friday shows that Valkyrie has replaced him as the go-to pick in most professional team compositions. The highly mobile legend boasted a staggering 98-percent pick rate during the group stage of the tournament, making Valkyrie the most-picked legend at the ALGS Championship by a long shot.

Gibraltar remains another favorite of pro teams as the second-most picked legend, with 72 percent of teams choosing to go with the defensive stalwart. But many teams now feel comfortable forgoing Gibraltar.

Valkyrie is a different story. She is, at the moment, a must-pick, with one of the best passive abilities in the game, a strong tactical, and arguably the strongest ultimate as well. She can scan beacons, hit enemies from behind cover, and gets incredible utility from her jetpack. Unlike legends like Wattson or Seer, who are powerful but situational, Valkyrie can be an effective pick with a wide variety of different duos, suggesting that her kit is too good to pass up. Unless her abilities get further nerfs, it’s likely that her reign as ruler of the meta will only continue.

But not everyone likes Valkyrie’s central place in the ALGS right now. Some pros have been vocally anti-Valkyrie in the past, suggesting that her ultimate is a cheap tactic that allows poorly positioned teams to get easy resets.

Valkyrie hate reached new heights in front of a stadium audience at the Championship today, when the popular caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos grabbed a fan’s (hopefully sarcastic) “Buff Valk” sign and ripped it to pieces on camera.

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