Valkyrie bug puts Apex Legends player into third-person mode

Watch out for those pesky ceilings.

Anyone who’s played Valkyrie in Apex Legends can tell you things can get a little funky when using her ultimate. The Skyward Dive is possibly the best ult in the game, allowing Valkyrie and her team to reposition at a moment’s notice and travel long distances in very short times. 

The thing is, you need a clear view of the sky to use it. And while the game mostly prevents players from using Skyward Dive in places where you can hit some sort of ceiling or overhanging rock, there is a tendency it has to allow Valkyrie to use an ultimate where she wont hit anything above her, but her teammates attached to her still can. And when that happens, weird bugs ensue. 

One player ran into this exact issue recently and it launched them into an accidental limited-time mode.

Reddit user small_HOUSE was all set to take to the skies with their Valkyrie teammate when a death box prevented their character model from moving through a doorway in a house on Worlds Edge. The resulting ultimate left small_HOUSE stuck to the ceiling of the building during the launch phase of Valkyries ultimate and then dropped them back to the ground, free to run around, with the tether to Valkyrie doing nothing but showing enemies their exact location. 

Strangely, the bug kept small_HOUSE in Skyward Dives third-person view mode, allowing them to run around and play the game basically as normal, just outside of the normal first-person view. Apex has had a third-person LTM before, in 2020, and there is an Easter egg in the games Firing Range that allows players to enable a third-person camera. Its use in a ranked game isnt intended, however. 

At any rate, small_HOUSE was soon spotted out by enemies, probably because there was a giant chord stretching across the map attached to them. Still, if youre trying to play Apex in third person, it seems like this is the only current way to do it.

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