Valkyrae warns leaked Twitch pay revamp may actually spark major decline

The streaming titan wants more ads and profits.

Rachell Valkyrae Hofstetter has voiced her concerns over Twitchs proposed partnership program changes, claiming its not good for viewers [or] creators and could herald the beginning of a major decline for the famous streaming platform if Amazon bosses stick to their guns on the leaked revamp.

You guys see this Twitch stuff? she said on April 28. Strange. I dont think its very good for viewers and its not very good for creators. I think its just confusing.

Bloomberg reports Twitch is preparing to pull the trigger on a pay revamp for creators and streamers in the near future. This overhaul, led by top Amazon brass, would see more money stay in Twitchs pocket via a new revenue split (50 percent, down from 70) and increased ad rolls for streamers via incentives.

The in-house changesnone of which are locked in yet, mind youcould also see new subscription tiers added and Twitch streamer exclusivity removed entirely.

Is Twitch going broke? Valkyrae said in response to the Bloomberg report midway through her April 28 stream on YouTube. I think [these changes] suggest Twitch is going broke theyre prioritizing the business over the creators.

Twitch has over 47,200 streaming stars currently signed to its partnership program, many of whom would be raking in solid earnings via subscriptions. Valkyrae suggests if the Amazon-owned site is looking to trim that down to tighten spendings, the site may be in more trouble than people know.

It may, she added, be a sign of a greater coming decline.

They must have paid out, they must have paid out too much money or something, she added. Or something like that. Isnt Amazon super-wealthy? Confusing.

Valkyrae talks to her YouTube fans in room.Screengrab via Valkyrae on YouTube

Top powerbrokers within the Twitch ecosystem have, as Dot Esports understands, been discussing changing the partnership program for some time now. The system has been relatively similar for the past decade, with minor tweaks here and there to keep Twitch stars happy amid the recent exclusivity wars.

More recently, Amazon bosses have focused on monetization.

It remains to be seen if Twitch do officially greenlight their latest ideas. One inside source has stressed, via PCGamer, the plans arent finalized and could be abandoned.

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