Valde’s ENCE journey starts strong with shining debut in ESL Pro League Season 16

Heroic is the next big name to face the new-and-improved squad.

ENCEs Counter-Strike trophy-lifting potential was in question after star player Lotan ‘Spinx’ Giladi left the squad to join Vitality, but Valdemar valde Bjørn Vangså may have quashed any doubts with his fantastic debut performance against HEET.

The international CS:GO roster took down HEET in two maps with ease.

Alvaro ‘SunPayus’ Garcias debut also started off strong with a deadly performance on Dust II. ENCE has started off their ESL Pro League: Season 16 run with guns blazing.

Valde flexed his Counter-Strike fragging muscles, topping the leaderboard with 44 kills for both maps, with an impressive 94.9 ADR. 

ENCE easily won HEETs Dust II map pick (16-6), with the fresh-blood sweeping the floor with the French roster. The Spanish AWPer easily took care of the French roster’s attacks; with the one-two combo of valde, HEET didnt stand a chance.

The second map, Vertigo (16-11), was a closer endeavor for the French squad. HEET almost mounted a comeback against ENCE but struggled to close the map. 

This was a successful debut for valde, in his previous OG squad, the Danish player fought under the OG banner but failed to bring any trophies home in his three-year stint with the org. Now under the leadership of Marco Snappi Pfeiffer, theres a strong chance valde could take some top-tier scalps, but the chance of the squad winning titles is still in question. 

Their next Counter-Strike match will be against the shaky Danish org, Heroic, who have been struggling to reach prior heights in more recent history. 

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