Use this Pokémon’s perfect move to solo Unrivaled Chesnaught Tera Raids in Scarlet and Violet

Who needs good teammates when this Pokémon exists?

The seven-star Chesnaught Tera Raid event has officially begun in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and it can be a difficult battle if you arent prepared to deal with the GenVI Starters physical bulk. Thankfully, players have found the perfect answerAppletun.

Appletun is one of the best counters for this raid because it not only resists Chesnaughts strongest attack but also has access to the move Apple Acid. As the name might suggest, Apple Acid is Appletuns signature move, meaning its the only Pokémon in the franchise to learn it. 

This unique attack will drop the targets Special Defense by one stage in addition to having 80 base power. In other words, spamming this move against Chesnaught will increase its damage output each turn until the raid boss Special Defense is as low as it can go. And at that point, Appletuns attacks should be taking a good chunk out of Chesnaughts HP bar.

Popular Pokémon Youtuber, HoodlumCallum, shared his Appletun build along with a very simple strategy for soloing the Chesnaught Tera Raids.

After using one Iron Defense to boost Appletuns Defense, you can go ahead and start spamming Apple Acid until Chesnaught is defeated. If Appletun is holding the Shell Bell, it will also recover some HP every time it attacks to keep it healthy.

The best part about this strategy is you dont have to rely on other players. Some strategies might involve more teamwork and coordination, but this one works perfectly for solo raids. Just train up an Appletun, teach it Apple Acid, and the rest should be a breeze.

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