Upset finishes first week back in LEC with eye-watering KDA

He's back in a major way.

Although he sat on the bench during the 2023 LEC Winter Split, Elias Upset Lipp has returned to the European League of Legends scene with a fire under his chair and played with a vengeance to kick off his Spring Split comeback tour with Team Vitality.

Through the first three games of the new split, Upset holds a KDA of 44.0, tied for the highest in the LEC alongside his teammate Bo. Vitality mid laner Perkz ranks third with a KDA of 39.0, according to League stats site Games of Legends

Upset’s roaring start to his own 2023 season was capped off today when his first week back in the LEC was finished with a 22-minute shellacking of his former squad, Fnatic. The game was the fastest to be played all spring and Upset finished the contest with a scoreline of 5/0/9 on Xayah. That still-respectable score was actually his worst this weekend, and his total across the three games amounted to 21/0/23. 

During his time on Fnatic in 2021 and 2022, Upset was known across the league as one of its KDA kings. The veteran ADC consistently posted one of the highest KDAs in Europe each of his active splits. His 16.5 KDA in last years Spring Split remains one of the highest single-split KDAs in professional League history. 

This season, hes already getting himself way out in front of his past numbers, all while turning Vitality into a genuine threat to secure the LEC title this spring. 

While Upset and the rest of Vitality may have had the chance to boost their stats against some of the league’s relatively weaker teams in Fnatic and Excel this weekend, the competition is about to get much more stark for the pre-split favorites. After playing the only other undefeated team in the LEC on Saturday, March 18 in SK Gaming, Vitality will have back-to-back matches against teams currently with winning records in G2 and Astralis.

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