Unluckiest ever CS:GO AWPer loses 1-vs-4 clutch to miraculous blocked shot

The bomb for round MVP.

CS:GO can be a cruel game sometimes. Or it can be the most uplifting. Its all a matter of perspective. That duality was experienced first-hand by a couple of CS:GO players on April 30, one desperate SMG wielder trying to pull off the clutch of a lifetime, and one AWPer who thought they got it. Spoiler, but this unlucky son of a gun did not, in fact, get it.

Its the final round of a CS:GO match, your team is up 1514. Win this one and its over, lose and let victory slip between your fingers. Whats the worst thing that could happen? You needing to pull off a one-vs-four clutch to get that final round, with an SMG, versus a fully equipped team. Breathing intensifies, sweat starts pouring from all types of places, cheeks are clenching harder than after Taco Bell. Its all up to your skill and valor to win it all.

Well, that, and a boatload of pure rotten luck. The above paragraph isnt pulled from stewie2Ks Eleague Major memoirs, but from a Redditor’s unbelievable experience in CS:GO matchmaking. Reddit user Few_Willingness_3700 expended all of his luck in a single CS:GO round during a one-vs-four situation in the final round of the match.

Mr. Willingness was left alone as a CT against a four-man battalion while holding nothing more than a puny MP5-SD. Through masterful game sense or sheer madness, the lone CT decided to crouch behind sandbags on B site Inferno and pray the Terrorists come to him. These prayers got answered and our clutch hero was facing three Terrorist backs soon enough.

This is where one of the most unfathomable CS:GO moments of all time happened. Trust us when we say were not exaggerating. The one-vs-four clutch attempt begins with a swift spray transfer onto the bomb carrier, one down. The second opponent is holding an AWP. He turns around, aims at Mr. Willingness, shoots, and his AWP shot gets blocked by the bomb falling from his dead teammates back.

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Not even Stephen King can come up with a script so extraordinary, and in written form, it would require a large amount of faith to believe it ever happened. The best thing Few_Willingness_3700 did in all of this is record it and post it for the world to see, so all of us could see and know that one of the greatest CS:GO highlights ever truly occurred.

The story of the unluckiest AWPer ends with his team going on to lose the four-vs-one and losing 1614. No other ending would have sufficed.

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