Unhappy Apex Legends players say new winter event feels more like Groundhog Day

You ever get the feeling you're living the same event over, and over, and over again?

The Apex Legends player base hasnt been the happiest campers in the world over the past several months. Despite receiving a new battle royale map in season 15, many of the games players feel that the game is still lacking in content. Many of these players frequently point to the fact that its been over a year since a new gun was introduced to the game and a run of characters many perceive as weaker than some of the games top-tier legends as evidence of this.

Another part of the dry content cycle has been the frequent use of returning or recycled limited-time modes. And that trend isnt slowing down anytime soon with the newest event in Apex, Wintertide. It brings back the Winter Express LTM, a unique mode in Apex where players have to get on a moving holiday train and fight for control of it against constantly-spawning enemy players who are trying to take it from them.

Its a popular game mode and many fans enjoy the returning tradition every year. But others are just about fed up with yet another LTM coming to the game thats already been around for so long.

These fans do have a point: the winter holiday event has been quite the same for the last couple of years. While the Raiders event last winter didnt feature winter skins, it did bring back the same Winter Express mode in addition to its cosmetics. This year, the winter event does just about the same thing, only adding a Wraith Prestige skin instead of a Wattson Heirloom and more winter-themed cosmetics to the mix.

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This follows a 2022 where there have only been two new LTMs introduced to the game: Control and Gun Run. Control made several appearances over the course of the year, while Gun Run only made its presence felt during the fall. Outside of those LTMs, the year has been mostly returning LTMs or LTMs with slight tweaks on them, like Flashpoint, Armed and Dangerous, or the Shadow Royale that took place on Olympus during this years Halloween season.

The additions of Control and Gun Run were undeniably successful, with many players saying how much they liked the new modes as a casual change of pace to battle royale and Arenas. But even for a beloved LTM like Winter Express, it seems that players fatigue with recycled LTMs is once again rearing its head.

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